The Vernacular Art-space Laboratory (VAL Foundation) is delighted to announce its selected artists for the second I C A F Lagos Artist-In-Residence. The idea of communal living is central to the I C A F Lagos AiR; participants will have the opportunity to integrate into the family life of the community and as well develop their practices during their stay.

Although more than 20 applications were received from 12 countries, and while we are delighted to mention that as noted by the Jury, the applicants were all articulate and their proposed projects stimulating, we are unfortunately unable to accept more than five artists due to limited resources available to us. The underlisted are the selected artists for I C A F Lagos 2018:

Suraia Abud Coaik (1982, Uruguay/Lebanon) present lives and works in Madrid. A Food anthropologist. Freelance Chef. Food artist and culinary researcher. She is interested in creating a large network of collaborations with different professionals around the world. Interact to generate a great movement of knowledge exchange. At this moment, Suraia moves between Spain, Lebanon, Uruguay and Italy. Always active in projects in communities and neighbourhoods.

Yusuf Durodola (1979, Nigeria) is a versatile painter, experimentalist and performance artist. His works project issues surrounding human existence focusing on environmental pollution, echo system, human behavior and belief, culture and sensitization. His experimental works imply transformation of disposable items with infusion of pattern formation. His present works based on road and drainage mapping using drawing and painting in an abstract form through navigation into the architectural structure of the space.

Kris Russo (USA)’s work explores historical memory and the processes by which we learn to attribute meaning to people, objects, events and ideas. She explores these ideas through the various mediums including works on paper (drawing, collage), installation and collaborative work. Her most recent works deal with the convergence of religion, technology and environment in relation to the experience of re/enchantment. Religious imagery intertwines with plastic bags, found objects, still-images taken from smart phones and computer screens and childhood memories to create an imaginary, subversive world. This world of make-believe, at times beautiful, at other times terrifying, acts as a mandala for the viewer to meditate on– an incubator to understand and deconstruct the complex processes of identity formation and meaning-making.

Raffaele Fortunati (Italy) is a freelance photographer born in Italy and based in Spain since 2004. He studied documentary in the international photography school PIC.A in Alcobendas Spain. His latest work focus on people and their behaviour in public place and the visual study of human nature in the modern society. He uses the camera as research tool to better understand the world around him, and ICAF festival will be a very important opportunity to extend this research.

Segun Adefila (Nigeria) is a theatre maker who has worked extensively in the integrated arts of dance, music, drama and visual arts. He has participated in art exhibitions and performances at home and abroad.

Special Projects

Also, we use this opportunity to announce the list of artistic interventions that will take place during the festival. We have therefore tagged these projects or interventions “special projects” in order to distinguish it from the residency programme.

Massira Toure                                               – Mali

Martin Toloku                                               – Ghana

Gadiaba Kodio                                               – Mali

Nameer Davis                                                – Australia

Omokeko Olufela
Head of Media and Communications
I C A F Lagos 2018