The Vernacular Art-space Laboratory (VAL Foundation) is delighted to announce its list of participating artists for ICAF Lagos 2016. The theme of ICAF Lagos 2016 is “Confluence.”

This was one of those literary projects that accepted the voices of young writers into the literary circle. It was radical and revolutionary. This literary project deconstructed the idea of age and skill. And one thing that period reminds you about in our literary landscape is Odia Ofeimun’s rhetorical statement to young writers who introduced themselves as aspiring writers during the monthly gatherings of the association, he would say to them “you are either a writer or not, there is nothing like aspiring writer.” This is the premise upon which the idea of Iwaya Community Art Festival (ICAF Lagos 2016) is founded.

ADEREMI ADEGBITE is the artistic director of ICAF Lagos 2016. The festival will open on  December 9th and run until December 11th 2017 in Iwaya community.

The artists in this year’s festival are as follows:


Adeola Olagunju (Nigeria) Photography
Ayo Akinwande (Nigeria) Happening
Cristina Duca (Italy) Photography
Odun Orimolade (Nigeria) Performance
Yusuf Durodola (Nigeria) Performance
Jelili Atiku (Nigeria) Performance Documentation
Femke (Netherlands) Photography
Moussa Kalopo (Mali) Photography
Folakunle Oshun (Nigeria) Installation
Abolore Sobayo (Nigeria) Installation
Garlesteanu Cosmin (Romania) Photography
Cristina Tinta (Romania) Photography
Taiwo Aiyedogbon (Nigeria) Performance
Taiwo Ojudun (Nigeria) Performance
Massira Toure (Mali) Photography
Seed Adegbite (Nigeria) Photography
Uche Okpa-Iroha (Nigeria) Photography
Gustave Fall (Senegal) Videoart
Onyeka Nwelue (Nigeria) Video
Footprint (Nigeria) Dance
FOD Gang (Nigeria) Dance
Delphine Gatinois (France) Photography
Luciana Kaplun (Israel) Videoart
Kalimah Abioto (USA) Videoart
Achilleka (Cameroon) Videoart
Enoh Lienemann (Germany) Photography

MES 56 BOYS (Indonesia)
Anang Saptoto Videoart
Andri William Photography
Angki Pu Photography
Akiq AW Photography
Daniel Satyagraha Photography
Dito Yuwono Photography
Edwin Roseno Photography
Eri Rama Photography
Fajar Riyanto Photography
Jim Allen Abel Photography
Nunung Prasetyo Photography
Rangga Purbaya Photography
Wimo Ambala Bayang Photography
Yudha Fehung Photography